On the Richmond Burrito Trail: 3 Hermanas Mexican Home Cooking

On the Richmond Burrito Trail: 3 Hermanas Mexican Home Cooking
3 Hermanas Mexican Home Cooking, located at 12620 San Pablo Ave., Richmond, CA. Photo/Linda Hemmila

At 3 Hermanas Mexican Home Cooking on San Pablo Avenue, we were once informed that burritos weren’t real Mexican food. 

We were picking up a breakfast burrito after groggily making our way to this tiny restaurant that cozied up to Rose & Mike’s Liquors after a very long day at work that stretched into the early morning. 

There was always something incredibly soothing and comforting about the hefty ham or bacon breakfast burrito with piping hot potatoes, eggs, and refried beans.

Our Lady Behind the Apron took our order with a sigh, conceding burritos were more convenient.

We remember the burrito of the non-breakfast variety as giant burrito bombs, the biggest around. We had a more modest Al Pastor Super Burrito for our latest visit.

3 Hermanas' Al Pastor Super Burrito weighed in at 723 grams. Comes with chips and salsa. Photo/ Soren Hemmila

The slab weighed a respectable 723 grams and had an excellent pork-to-refried-beans-to-rice proportion. The tortillas that spent time on the grill, fresh pico de gallo, and melty cheese were so tasty and delicious.

We did find a cold pocket of lettuce and unmelted cheese. Maybe 3 Hermanas is no longer competing in the Burrito Girth Olympics these days, but we finished our Burrito and definitely weren’t left hungry. Comes with chips and salsa.

3 Hermanas has a small but cheerful dining room. Photo/Soren Hemmila

The restaurant is located in a small building at 12620 San Pablo Ave., tacked on to the much larger next-door booze emporium. It has its own parking lot and a small but cheerful dining room. 

3 Hermanas is probably our favorite place to order a chile relleno, so we didn’t miss the opportunity to snag one on this stop on the Richmond Burrito Trail.

The chile relleno was freshly made; we heard the sizzle while waiting for our order. When we returned to Grandview headquarters, the chile relleno was still steaming. The chile was firm and held its shape. The cheese was melty, not some congealed lumpiness in the middle. 

3 Hermanas is probably our favorite place to order a chile relleno. Photo/Soren Hemmila

Wearing a fluffy egg batter, the chile was served with a thick, well-seasoned sauce. It wasn’t greasy nor over-salted. The Chile Rellenos come with rice, beans, salad, and homemade tortillas. Maybe we’ll ask for a Chile Relleno burrito next time–that is a thing, you know. 

We turned in a receipt for $34.83 for the Al Pastor Super Burrito and Chile Relleno, making it the most expensive Richmond Burrito Trail stop yet, but you get a lot of food for your dollars.

We will be back on the Richmond Burrito Trail next week. Join us as we head out of the neighborhood on the hunt for a requested lengua burrito. We’ve never eaten a tongue burrito before, so we’re not sure what to expect. 

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