On the Richmond Burrito Trail: Taqueria La Bamba

On the Richmond Burrito Trail: Taqueria La Bamba
Taqueria La Bamba is located at 12345 San Pablo Ave., Richmond, CA. Photo/Soren Hemmila

It is Taqueria Tuesday! Grandview is back on the Richmond Burrito Trail, chowing down on Super Carnitas Burritos from longtime neighborhood favorite Taqueria La Bamba.

This San Pablo Avenue taqueria may be known for its tasty pupusas, those heavenly grilled stuffed cornflour wonders. Pupusas are like a handmade corn tortilla stuffed with cheese or beans or cheese and beans or any number of other delicious options. Sometimes, the cheese runs out and caramelizes on the outside.  So good. You eat it with curtido, a cabbage slaw made with shredded cabbage, red onion, carrot, spices, and vinegar.

La Bamba also makes a mean burrito. This was one of the first burritos we found on this side of the bay that matched our expectations for what they should be. A flaky grilled tortilla is essential, so when you see the slab creator flinging a tortilla, your tortilla on the grill, you know good things are going to happen.

La Bamba’s Super Carnitas Burrito, cut open for your viewing pleasure, shows off an excellent ingredient mix. Photo/Soren Hemmila

La Bamba’s Super Carnitas Burrito weighed in at a solid 746 grams. Our Grandview accountant says we turned in a receipt for just $24.30 with our expenses. The Super Carnitas Burrito plus a vegetarian friend-burrito and chips is one the least expensive meals we’ve encountered. We finished it and weren't left hungry. It was filled with lots of flavorful fried porky goodness, guacamole, pico, Spanish rice, pinto beans, and melty cheese. La Bamba’s refried beans are a nice complement. They’re soupier rather than pasty, so they make your burrito extra saucy.

This burrito purveyor is in a little complex near the freeway off-ramp on busy San Pablo Avenue next to the Richmond Pizza House and a Goodwill store. However, La Bamba has its own separate parking lot.

The restaurant has two dining areas. The main one inside shares the space with the kitchen so you can watch your meat get grilled or see how pupusa are created, as well as a kind of enclosed covered patio area next to the parking lot.

During the week, a lunch hour crowd makes themselves comfortable in the homey restaurant. On weekends, we see families lingering over breakfast as when we pick up our orders just after noon.

Last week, at our stop on the Richmond Burrito Trail, Grandview checked Rincón Rincón Michoacano across from Lovonya DeJean Middle School. We will continue the Richmond Burrito Trail next week as we visit another neighborhood favorite on the Avenue.

We always want to hear about your favorite burrito restaurants and your go-to orders. Your input is valuable to us and to our community of food enthusiasts. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section or via email.

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