On the Richmond Burrito Trail: La Flor de Jalisco

On the Richmond Burrito Trail: La Flor de Jalisco
La Flor de Jalisco is located at 2031 MacDonald Avenue. Photo/Soren Hemmila

We’re back on the Richmond Burrito Trail, venturing below 23rd Street and visiting an old favorite, La Flor de Jalisco, on Macdonald Avenue. 

Grandview Independent plans to visit every taqueria, food truck, and restaurant for a feature we are calling the Richmond Burrito Trail.

Last week, we visited the popular Tacos El Tucán on San Pablo Avenue and ate some freaking delicious burritos. 

Decoding the Burrito: Grandview Independent hits the Richmond Burrito Trail
We’re not going to sugarcoat it. We eat a lot of burritos at Grandview Independent. Almost since the beginning of our publication, burritos have been a steady companion at our editorial board meetings. So we’re hitting the Richmond Burrito Trail again with plans of visiting every taqueria, food

This week, Grandview visited La Flor de Jalisco’s Macdonald Avenue location. La Flor has three locations in Richmond on San Pablo Avenue and 23rd Street. We enjoyed many burritos over the years from this location, including a damn near-perfect Super Carnitas Burrito a few years back. 

Perfect for us means a Mission-style burrito with a toasted tortilla. It should be filled with beans, rice, well-seasoned meat, guacamole, pico de gallo, and cheese wrapped in aluminum foil. How did our return to La Flor de Jalisco work out? This one hurts.

We should have known something was up when we rolled up at 12:30 p.m., and nobody was around. We ordered our go-to, a Pollo Asado Super Burrito. Two burritos were $28.05, and chips were extra.

A couple of people showed up while we were waiting for our order, but the location was never busy.

The Pollo Asado Super Burrito was small, weighing just 596 grams so that we could have definitely finished another. The no-frills burrito was filled with al dente rice and not much else. Every other ingredient, including the bland chicken, was just kind of lost in a sea of rice. The only high note was the creamy refried beans, and the sauces on the side were pretty tasty. 

La Flor de Jalisco Pollo Asado Super Burrito.

We were left hungry, which in our book is antithetical to the whole burrito experience. 

The Richmond Burrito Trail continues next week to a location we've never visited before. Will we find Burrito Redemption?

As always, we need your suggestions, your favorite burrito haunt, and your go-to order. Let us know in the comments or by email.

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