On the Richmond Burrito Trail: Macdonald Avenue's Rincón Michoacano Taqueria

On the Richmond Burrito Trail: Macdonald Avenue's Rincón Michoacano Taqueria
Rincón Michoacano Taqueria is located across from Lovonya DeJean Middle School at 3231 Macdonald Ave. Photos/ Soren Hemmila

This week's stop on the Richmond Burrito Trail has Grandview checking in at Macdonald Avenue's Rincón Rincón Michoacano, the little orange taqueria across from Lovonya DeJean Middle School. 

A few restaurants have called this location home, including Los Macias Taqueria and El Paraiso Cafe. The tiny building has been painted blue and sometimes beige but is now back to its bright orange exterior.

We devoured a spicy, well-flavored 710-gram Chicken Super Burrito. Two burritos were even $26 and came with chips. The slabs wrapped in flaky tortillas were well balanced, with no ingredients overwhelming the other.

The chicken was seasoned well, and enough was included, so you never doubted you were eating a chicken burrito. The rice was perfectly cooked, and just enough was added to create a solid burrito foundation.

For us, a burrito should be lovingly constructed with tasty ingredients so that the result exceeds the sum of its components. Rincón Michoacano succeeded; we finished and weren’t left hungry.

Standout ingredients were the tasty pico de gallo and the addition of guacamole, which was well-welcomed after last week’s guac drought. The only negative for us was the inclusion of lettuce, which we don’t think belongs on a burrito, and we only occasionally think of asking to keep it off. 

The restaurant is tiny, and the kitchen takes up most of the space, but there is room for a few tables and chairs that were in use during our visit. Takeout customers and food delivery drivers picked up orders while we waited. Our two burritos order was turned around quickly.

Rincón Michoacano Taqueria's Super Chicken Burrito. Photo/ Soren Hemmila

Last week, we had a couple of uninspiring burritos from La Flor de Jalisco’s Macdonald Avenue location, starkly contrasting the promising start of our Richmond Burrito Trail adventure. 

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The Richmond Burrito Trail continues next week as we visit a neighborhood favorite we’ve enjoyed for years.

As always, we need your suggestions, your favorite burrito haunt, and your go-to order. Let us know in the comments or by email. 

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