On the Richmond Burrito Trail: Tacos La Raza

On the Richmond Burrito Trail: Tacos La Raza
Tacos La Raza is in the parking lot of La Raza Market at 2131 Macdonald Avenue. Photo/ Soren Hemmila

Can a burrito be too saucy? Find out as Grandview joins La Raza in Belding Woods for a reader-requested lengua burrito. 

Lengua means tongue. 

We’ve never had a beef tongue burrito. 

All that changed after we visited Tacos La Raza on 22nd Street. This is the tiny taqueria in Macdonald Avenue’s La Raza Market parking lot that you’ve probably passed a million times as you make your way to the freeway.

Order at the window for Tacos La Raza.

Tacos La Raza’s Super Lengua Burrito was a large soupy affair filled with chunks of tender tongue. The meat was good but in an unexpectedly Fannie-Farmer-pot-roast-with-brown-gravy way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. And again, we didn’t have anything to compare it with. 

We’ve had a run of burritos that could have been a tad more saucy. Tacos La Raza might have been an over-correction. The burrito was not firm and felt floppy under foil, as if we were holding a water balloon. But it held together, and we never had to break out the knife and fork to finish.

Rice, beans, cheese, and sour cream rounded out the 726-gram slab. Cut in half, the burrito had the layered look of Neapolitan ice cream.

Tacos La Raza’s Super Lengua Burrito was a large soupy affair filled with chunks of tender tongue.

The tortilla seemed steamed and got a little gummy, and we encountered pockets of unmelted cheese. The burrito comes with roasted peppers, pickled radishes, and onions. The red and green salsas were tasty and upped the heat and flavor game when drizzled on the burrito. 

The Super Lengua Burrito was one of the larger burritos on the Richmond Burrito Trail, slightly edging out 3 Hermanas Mexican Home Cooking’s 723-gram Al Pastor Super Burrito. 

But it was lagging behind La Bamba’s 746-gram Super Carnitas Burrito. It was also the most expensive at $14.50. We ate it all and were not left hungry.

The Richmond Burrito Trail continues next week with another new-to-us burrito.

As always, we need your suggestions, your favorite burrito haunt, and your go-to order. Let us know in the comments or by email. 

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