King Tides return today prompting local flooding advisory

King Tides return today prompting local flooding advisory

King Tides return to Richmond today, bringing both the highest & lowest tides of the year as well as the potential for flooding in low-lying areas, prompting the National Weather Service to post a local advisory.

According to the NWS advisory, "A coastal flood Advisory Remains in effect from
6 am this morning until 2 pm Sunday when minor coastal flooding is expected at prone low-lying coastal locations across the San Francisco Bay shoreline during high peak tides every morning until Sunday."

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration defines a "King Tide" as a term used to describe exceptionally high tides. The tides are long-period waves that roll around the planet when the ocean is "pulled" back and forth by the gravitational pull of the moon as it interacts with the Earth in its monthly and yearly orbits. Higher than normal tides usually occur in conjunction with a full moon, and when the Moon is at its perigee, which is when the moon is nearest to the earth.

But don't pull out your surfboard yet. While local high tide in Richmond was expected to reach about 7ft, waves here in Richmond don't usually make for great surfing.

A better way to participate in the tidal event is through photography.

The California Coastal Commission invites you to join the California King Tide Project by submitting your photos of King Tides to its website.

You can learn more by visiting

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