Fire chief out in Richmond

Fire chief out in Richmond
Former Fire Chief Angel Montoya at a recent event. Photo/ Linda Hemmila

Richmond's Fire Chief Angel Montoya is no longer employed in Richmond, according to the president of Firefighters Local 188, and Aaron Osorio has been named Interim Fire Chief.

According to Richmond Firefighters Local 188 President Michael Velazques, the union received official word of Montoya's departure, but no additional information has been provided.

"We were told yesterday afternoon that the chief was no longer with the City of Richmond in a department email. No other details were given," Velazquez said.

Montoya was tapped for the job in October of 2021.

In July, members of Local 188 unanimously voted no confidence in the chief, citing several issues, including Montoya's frequent absence.

Richmond Firefighters Local 188 vote “no confidence” in Fire Chief
Members of Richmond Firefighters Local 188 have unanimously agreed to a “No Confidence” vote in Fire Chief Angel Montoya’s ability to lead the Richmond Fire Department. In a press release today, Richmond Firefighters Local 188 said, “Chief Montoya’s refusal to address pressing safety issues, unwill…

Velazques feels this is a positive step forward for Richmond.

"This is good news for all involved. Now it is time for the Richmond Fire Department to rebuild and take care of our members so they can provide the best service possible to the Richmond community," Velazques said.

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