The unusual sight of snow in Richmond delights crowd

The unusual sight of snow in Richmond delights crowd
A volunteer helps an eager sledder prepare for launch on the man-made snowy hill. Photos/ Linda Hemmila

Snow came to Richmond on Thursday, much to the delight of young and old alike, as the city hosted its 2nd annual snow day under a bright blue sky in Nicholl Park.

The City of Richmond and the Recreation Department partnered with All Seasons Ice Company to provide about 20 tons of the fluffy white stuff for this free event, which brought out families, local winter vacation camps, and those who just wanted a moment in a winter wonderland. 

The event featured a sizeable snowy hill for those who wanted to try out their sleds and saucers, and there was enough snow to engage in a hearty snowball fight or two.

The event also featured local vendors, and even Santa made time in his busy schedule to drop by for a visit.

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