Richmond wakes up early with a jolt

Richmond wakes up early with a jolt

The question of the day will inevitably be, "did you feel it?" And the likely answer will be yes!

A 3.6 earthquake along the Hayward fault and centered in El Cerrito rattled residents this morning at 3:39 am providing an early morning wake-up call most did not want.

Despite the vigorous shaking, there were no reports of damage, only rattled nerves.

Centered in the El Cerrito hillside area, the quake was a shallow one making it seem much stronger than USGS data suggested. Initially listed as 4.0, the quake was felt from Santa Cruz to Sacramento and was later downgraded to a 3.6, baffling most who felt it.

Social media lit up like a Christmas tree as locals posted their experiences.

Pinole Community Radio tweeted, "That felt bigger than 4.0!!!"

Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia said, "Woke from a sound sleep from the sharp shaking. A reminder to always be prepared.  Are you?"

Indeed this is a good reminder that earthquakes can happen at any time, and a little advance preparation for a larger event is always a good idea.

If you felt it and would like to share your experience, USGS invites you to do so here

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