Update: BART restores train service between Richmond and MacArthur stations

Update: BART restores train service between Richmond and MacArthur stations
Friday morning commuters discovered a closed Richmond BART station. Photo/Soren Hemmila

Last update: 1 p.m. Friday, May 10, 2024.

UPDATE: As of 11:10 a.m., BART has restored normal train service between the Richmond and MacArthur BART stations.

BART employees are turning away morning commuters today as the regional transportation agency has no service between Richmond and MacArthur due to an equipment problem. 

BART says crews are on the scene troubleshooting the problem and hope to resolve the issue shortly. Riders should expect this service disruption to last through the morning commute.

BART employees turned away passengers Friday morning. Photo/Soren Hemmila

BART staff at the Richmond Station blamed a communications problem and said the agency didn't have an estimated time to resolve the issue.

Richmond riders should seek other means to get to MacArthur Station. Richmond through Ashby station riders should use the existing bus service at each station.

While BART has extra staff at each station to help with buses, there isn’t a direct bus bridge. 

“We do have mutual aid from various bus agencies that varies from Station to Station,” a BART statement said.

To get to San Francisco from Richmond Station, BART says to take the 72M bus operated by AC Transit to transfer to the NL bus at 20th/Broadway in Oakland. The entire journey takes approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes.

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