Pt. Richmond's Fairy Houses

Pt. Richmond's Fairy Houses

Even with the brisk winter air there is a nice walk to be had along Washington Avenue in Pt. Richmond. Known best for its archeture, spectacular views, and early Richmond history, Pt. Richmond has a lot to offer. But if you look just a little closer, something small and magical is there as well.

A favorite of locals and tourists a like, the Fairy Houses bring visitors from all over to marvel at the creativity and skill that carefully crafted them.

Miniscule in size, but not lacking in detail, the Fairy Houses are a small child's dream, but often it's the adults gazing at the artistry and delicate fabrication that's most fascinating to see. Some Fairy houses are in plain sight with addresses and signs, while others are harder to find, but once you do you'll enjoy opening each little door or hatch to reveal an interior surprise. There's a library and school too, one Fairy House boasts a Mondrian-style exterior, while others are tiny replicas of local buildings. Some of the Fairies personalities can be told by their decor, and some like to leave clues to keep their visitors guessing.

To visit the Fairy houses start at 300 Washington Avenue and have fun exploring the neighborhood.

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