Neighborhood Maker's Faire enlivens San Pablo Avenue

Neighborhood Maker's Faire enlivens San Pablo Avenue

Under partly cloudy conditions, the Neighborhood Maker's Faire came to the North and East on Sunday, bringing a dazzling array of arts and culinary delights.

Boasting 30 local artisans and hosted by the Factory Bar, the event at the corner of Clinton and San Pablo avenues filled the Tacos El Tucan parking lot with brightly colored tents as makers displayed their wares for the crowd. Many braved the lengthy Tucan orderline as the aroma of one of the most popular eateries on the burgeoning North and East food corridor beckoned.

Down the street on the Factory Bar patio, candlemakers, artisans, and breadmakers shared their offerings alongside Richmond's Multicultural Book Store, jewelry makers, and purveyors of essential oils.

The Neighborhood Maker's Faire runs until 7 p.m. tonight.

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