Contra Costa County unveils around-the-clock mental health services for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Contra Costa County unveils around-the-clock mental health services for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Beginning December 1, those experiencing behavioral health, mental health, or substance crisis will be able to call the A3 Miles Hall Crisis Call Center, which will be operating around the clock to provide assistance for those in need.

The Crisis Call Center offers callers the opportunity to talk to trained professionals who can provide care over the phone as well as connections to follow-up care or send a team to respond in person when needed.

According to Contra Costa County, behavioral health issues are the third most common call ambulances respond to, with as many as one in five adults experiencing behavioral health issues. Every year, there are more than 8,000 visits to psychiatric emergency services.

“Using our new Measure X sales tax funds to make immediate mental health crisis response available anytime to all Contra Costans will improve quality of life and reduce the harm caused by mental health challenges,” said Supervisor John Gioia, Chair of the Board of Supervisors. “Having round-the-clock mental health services available throughout Contra Costa has been a long-time need, and we are proud that we can now provide these vital services at any time.”

Beginning as a pilot project in 2021, A3 now responds to about 200 calls and dispatches 30 mobile teams per week. Assistance was provided to over 2,900 callers in 2022, with the expectation that that number would grow to more than 4,500 people this year.

“About one in five adults in Contra Costa County struggles with behavioral health issues, but the stigma around mental health and addiction can make it hard to seek help. Too often, people suffer through a behavioral health crisis in silence. Expanding A3 to respond around the clock makes it easier for people experiencing behavioral health problems and their loved ones to get the professional, caring support they need,” said Supervisor Diane Burgis.

Contra Costa County's A3 Model

As calls come into the center, trained staff provide support and triage and determine when an in-person response is necessary. The majority of callers’ needs are resolved via phone. A3 staff will determine the response level that is appropriate for each situation. Mobile teams are dispatched to address the crisis and provide care.

A3 Response Levels

The A3 program was created by law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical responders, behavioral health professionals, improvement advisors, and mobile crisis team members, as well as people with lived experience and family members.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a behavioral health crisis, call the A3 Miles Hall Crisis Call Center at 844-844-5544. Learn more at or watch a video about the program. 

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